Our Team

Alyssa Reid 

Alyssa Reid is a senior. She loves learning and aspires to be an English professor one day. In her spare time, she enjoys art, theatre, and, of course, writing.

Sofia Bajwa
Vice President

Sofia Bajwa is a senior. Sofia’s favorite subject is History, and outside of the classroom she enjoys writing, reading, swimming, and ice skating. Her favorite books include The Thousandth Floor Series, Harry Potter series, and Love Letters to the Dead. Sofia also considers herself to be a professional Netflix watcher, chocolate enthusiast, and DIY guru. Alongside all of these hobbies, Sofia is also a photographer and filmmaker.

Kurt Kauffman

Kurt Kauffman is a senior. His hobbies include jazz band, swimming, reading, and competitive gaming. He’s been published with IWrite, been Star Author, and Editor’s Choice. His favorite book series is Fullmetal Alchemist and his favorite novel is The Hobbit. As a founding member of the IWrite Youth Club, he’s served as VP in the past. His favorite foods include pineapple pizza and cheeseburgers.

Annie Jones

Annie Jones is an eighth grader. She loves to play way too much D&D, read and (of course!) write, and play the saxophone. Her favorite genre is realistic fiction and her favorite movie is The Darjeeling Limited. In her free time, she hides in the corner at parties and runs away from her four younger siblings.

Eshaan Mani Historian

Eshaan Mani is an eighth grader and a published iWrite author and poet.  He enjoys debate class and is fascinated by the variety of topics that one can debate. In his spare time, he enjoys acting in plays, swimming, eating copious amounts of chocolate, writing, and playing tennis.

Katie Giveon Parliamentarian

Katie Giveon is a junior.
She loves reading, writing, movies, and chocolate.
Her favorite book is Ender’s Game, but her favorite genre is realistic fiction. She writes poetry and article for her school’s magazine, and she has a rescue dog named Sam-E.

Alex Zhang International Relations Officer

Alex is a sophomore. His favorite subject is biology. His favorite book is American Gods. He wants to be a genetic biologist when he grows up.

Ava Reid
Vice President Elect

Ava Reid is a sophomore. She enjoys taking photos, reading, and watching movies in her spare time. Her favorite book is most likely Unwind or Ender’s Game. She has been published with iWrite a total of 5 times and has been Star Poet once.

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