Eye of the Storm

By Austin Lopez Adrien sat in his seat in the helicopter looking out into the storm. The wind billoweddangerously, and thunder roared in the background. Rain poured down on the helicopter, a goodamount seeping in, forming puddles. If Adrien’s boots and clothes weren’t waterproof, hewould’ve been soaked to the bone by now. Thankfully they’d knownContinue reading “Eye of the Storm”

Tales True and Bold: A Collection of Poems

By Austin Lopez Fading Away My soul, a dimming coalFading away, led astrayFrom the path I hath yet to followI shan’t rantThe way I followed is alone for me to payBut now I know my path was disrupted from its flowSitting in this chair, unable to shareLightning frightening my thoughts I know now my sinsContinue reading “Tales True and Bold: A Collection of Poems”