Tales True and Bold: A Collection of Poems

By Austin Lopez

Fading Away

My soul, a dimming coal
Fading away, led astray
From the path I hath yet to follow
I shan’t rant
The way I followed is alone for me to pay
But now I know my path was disrupted from its flow
Sitting in this chair, unable to share
Lightning frightening my thoughts

I know now my sins where too low
My crimes to me as a beggar to dimes
Death to me as honey to a bee
Death comes to me as life slums with thee

Standing in the Night

I’m standing in the night alone
Standing in the night, wondering what I did wrong
I’m trying not to cry, standing in the night
Standing in the night, staring into the big black sky
I’m on my knees crying into the night
On my knees hating myself
I’m trying to imagine a better world where I’m not alone
Willing myself away from the life I call my own
I’m kneeling in the night with no way to atone for my sins

Kneeling, hoping for some ray of light
Some way I might fight for what’s right
But alas, my heart like glass, a mass of shards
All my cards on the table unable to make a move
I am rapidly losing sight of what matters most
Standing in the night


I’m gazing
I’m gazing angrily
I’m gazing longingly
I’m gazing contentedly
I’m gazing sadly
No, I’m not gazing
I’m glaring

I’m drooling
I’m smiling
I’m crying
No, I’m not
I’m hitting
I’m begging
I’m embracing
I’m running
No, I’m not
I’m living

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