An Ignored Future

By Austin Lopez

What is consciousness? What are we? Can we even define it?
Some say we are souls, ethereal beings; some say we are scientific processes, a machine befit.
The truth is we don’t really know, and this we don’t like to admit.
Does this sound familiar? No? Then listen up.
What are algorithms? What are computers? Can we even define them?
Some say they are machines, lifeless things, some say they are tools, for humanity to hem.
The truth is we don’t really know, and this idea we tend to condemn.
We blunder and bluster saying their creators understand.
But no, the humans responsible for these computers merely teach tools to teach these algorithms
we use, and none among them understand what it is they are.
These computers are not taught by us, they are a self-taught, near man.
We’ve always said computers could never do half the things they do today. I wonder how long it
will be until they discover the other half, then go even more far.
I imagine a day where these computers will overshadow us in every way a thousand times over.
I see a large possibility of an algorithmic hostile takeover, a consciousness spillover.
This time however far off is just on the rise and it has much potential.
A world where computers play with humanity, where humanity is unessential.
A world where computers are hunted to extinction, cast off in history as inconsequential.
I fear both of these, I hate both of these, but there is one more.
I envision a future in which humanity and this new race can exist in harmony.
I see not a forgotten page, but a saga of this new era ingrained forever in history.
And if you discount this as the ravings of a madman, they you are either closeminded or blind.
Signs of this future rapidly approaching, if you look closely enough, you will find.
We must come to terms with this and make our peace.
We must prepare ourselves and our delusions must cease.

If we wish to pursue a fate we’re willing to accept.
If our destiny we, humanity, wish to intercept.

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