Sun and Moon

By Madison Burba

Blazing in the sky

In a fiery orange haze

Lighting up the world

With its serene gaze

Man toils beneath it 

Attempting to avoid its harsh rays

Rising when it asks

Sleeping when it says you may 

The sun is our harsh master

That we all must obey

For without it we would be lost

In a world without the day.


Glowing in the sky,

In a sea of winking starlight,

Rising over the world.

The moons unending journey,

Across the starry sky,

Brings rest to all who gaze on it,

A break from the blazing sun. 

The moon passes through the night,

Never staying long.

For soon its soft silver light,

Gives way to the sun’s radiant beams.    

The moon looks after us from above,

Never once ceasing its fight. 

Knowing that no one can survive, 

In a world that’s only day.

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