Now I Water Fake Flowers

By Alyssa Reid

Everybody had forks in their fists

A dinner party wind-thrown list

A nonchalant

“Don’t worry about the water rushing in”

Guess if you talk pretty, they listen

They might even respect you for playing them

As for me

I play nice because assets don’t forget

Back then was a hundred

Reasons to run

When I couldn’t remember

Any of them

You said this is where life leads you

You said

“Keep your head up,” and I believed you

Now I water fake flowers to please you

Taken me time to see

You’re nothing but formality

Guess I’ve seen too many

Glass lies washed in gasoline

In your game, queens bow to you

But checkmate, you lose

Plastic? You bet

I’ve got reasons to run

I want to believe in something—

This is nothing but a team of

Yes men,

Yes ma’am.

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