“I” The Guy Creative Writing Camp

My Experience as a Summer Camp Counselor

By Eshaan Mani

Writing helps build bonds and make new friendships, while broadening our horizons and getting the creative juices flowing. iWrite’s “i” The Guy Creative Writing Summer Camp allows students in the 3rd and 4th grades to experience the magic of writing a story.

I had the chance to be a camp counselor and help take the students on a journey—one of self-growth and lots of fun for both myself and the students. From mapping out their characters on the first two days of camp (which ranged from footballs to dragons to mice) all the way to the last few days of camp (which focused more on the composition of their stories), I can say I had a blast with all the students and made many new friends.

The campers were ever so eager to dive into the creative process of writing and their zealous attitudes were contagious. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw their faces brighten: a spark lighting in their mind, and the pencil in their hands began moving at breakneck speeds. There were times that I had to help lift them up and over the obstacles they faced—times when I learned how to improvise. In order to help them, I was forced to reflect back on how I dealt with the issues they faced, such as writer’s block. 

As the week progressed, I found that being a camp counselor and interacting with the campers was mutually enriching. As the students learned the techniques of being a writer, I grew with them. I learned tons about wildlife, specifically cheetahs, from one camper, while he adopted cursive after seeing me write on a worksheet. I learned different techniques of writing from another student, who played with perspectives in his story, and grew in my descriptive abilities when a student gave a personality to an inanimate object.

At the end of the week, all the campers and camp counselors, including myself, had left the camp with not only a strong drive to write but many priceless experiences.

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