Spark by Alex Zhang: A Review by Eshaan Mani

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over… iWrite Youth Club member Alex Zhang’s book Spark is finally out! Spark is a young-adult science fiction novel which traces the journey of Jackson and his friends Wesley, Subulo, and Ruby. Spark is the first book in a triad under the label Ember. 

Jackson and Wesley are just two normal teens who are sucked into a parallel universe after their dealings with mysterious Subulo, an otherworldly creature. On their journeys, they meet Ruby and other characters who are best described as… well, unique. There’s Ibeti, with his lolling purple tongue, Icelandic zombie Russell, and Subulo’s murderous alter ego Croweley, who has some questionable intents. And at the end of their journeys together, Jackson’s life is wrenched from his hands… in more ways than one. 

You can tell that Spark was written with lots of love, thought, and passion. One big thing I loved about this book was the comic timing and sharp wit throughout. If you know Alex, you know about his killer sense of humor, and that humor comes across in his writing as well. Even the most morbid of scenes are lightened by Subulo’s sarcasm and Wesley’s millennial sayings. I’m not really an avid sci-fi reader, but I was hooked on Spark and wished it was longer than 158 pages. 

The unpredictability of what is going to happen on the next page is also something to admire. There’s no set path for the characters, and some of the turns border on the ridiculous side of the spectrum. But it’s all well and good in a sci-fi novel, isn’t it? 

Overall, Spark is a must-read to add to your library checkout lists, and I rate the book 10/10 – it’s captivating, humorous, and a perfect read for a cozy evening. Congrats to Alex on his first book and I hope that you, reading this blog post now, enjoy it!

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